All I need

7. února 2015 v 21:29 |  Šuplík s názvem nyní a pak

Just tell me, what do you need? What do you need to live? Air to breathe, light to see, place to stay, food to eat, water to drink, yourself. My dear, do you say love? Cause love is so important, isn´t it? What´s love I ask you then? Can you give me an answer? I expect not. Nobody knows what is love. There´s a lot of definitions of love, but no one can tell you the whole truth. Maybe it´s so big, that you would spend your whole life describing it and you would die before you finish. Maybe it´s because it´s so complicated, that no one can even truly understand it, neither describe or explain to the others. Maybe it´s because it´s not one thing, one moment, one thought, it´s million of tiny feelings and thoughts in a moment lasting forever.

What I need, you need, everybody needs, is really love. Because first love comes before we are born. It´s love of our parents, than our whole family, our selves, later friends and finally that person. When you say love, what will come on mind to most of the people? Love between boy and girl. Why? Is it the biggest or the most beautiful kind of love? Maybe it is and one day I will understand. I don´t know. Maybe one day I will find that person, who will show me and who will give this word fuller meaning. But everybody should remember one thing: When you find someone, about whom you think, that it´s the right person, you should never forget, that love of your family was here sooner.

All I need is you. You, my world. Because you gave me life, you are keeping me living and giving me so much. All I need to be. To survive. To live. With those people besides me, who are always here when I need them. I know, everyone will leave this world one day and cold ground will cover his face, which was time ago full of life, full of understanding, happiness, energy. But those people will always stay in my heart and I will take care of them wherever they go. And I also know, that I will stay in hearts of people, who love me and they always will. Because heart of loved person is the best place where to rest and where I can be.

It´s such a nice feeling when you can hug the person you love and he or she hugs you tighter. In a hug of loved person I feel so safe. And every time I´m hugging some of people who mean something to me I wish it could last longer. Especially when I know, that I won´t see this person for a long time. But without pain in saying "Good bye", there couldn´t be so much of happiness in greeting this person again with "Hi". And between those two moments I will be with this person in my mind and I don´t have to be scared, that I will be lonely one day. Because there will always be my memories which take me again to times, when I was with people I loved and still love. Because memories are our personal time machines and no one can steal them.

All I need is myself in my world. The rest is only a bonus, sometimes nice, sometimes cruel, but life is cruel. It´s like a big plate of tastes and you have to taste bitterness and sourness before you find a sweet one and then everything is starting again.

All I need is here. I don´t need anthing more, but who would stay on one place? It´s like riding a bike, if you don´t keep moving, you fall…

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