Time goes

8. května 2015 v 20:29 |  Básničky
As the river always flows,
as well the time further goes,
it takes our present away
staying in heart of endless May.

Staying there as memories,
you should be glad for how it is,
it´s like our secret time machine,
something that is never seen.

Everywhere´s flowing the time:
In every my rhyme,
in everything I say,
in every left day.

Time goes always on
until it´s all gone,
until the fearless death
takes away our last breath.

Trying to stop the time
is like listening to a mime,
trying to look and be blind,
while hurting trying to be kind.

As it always goes,
it reminds me a rose,
beautiful when you let it grow,
but also painful though.

It left prints in my heart
and I´m falling apart
and screaming loud,
that it blew it all out.

Do you still remember
behaving like September,
do you remember the day,
which seems now so far away?

I wanted it to last forever,
but it was only now and never,
we can´t live it again,
it´s only now and then.

Life is never the same,
it´s like neverending game,
you can never see next card,
but memories stay in my heart.

Let the time go,
let the wind blow,
let a river flow,
let a vulcane throw.

It´ll bring you better days,
it´ll show you better ways,
which will lead you again
to times of now and then.

It´s like a beautiful butterfly,
which will always try
to go as far as he can
since it´s life began.

As the time goes
I´m forgeting those,
who wanted to try,
how long I can cry.

But I´ll never forget those,
who brought me a rose,
who were never rude,
who made me feel good.


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