Sunny summer afternoon

7. srpna 2015 v 19:55 |  Básničky

That sunny summer afternoon

the sun was about to set soon,

but I was sitting still

on a top of a hill.

Listeninng to voice of my mind,

memories of only one kind,

thoughts of all I can make,

wishes of all I can take.

That world behind my esyes,

where noone and never lies,

where everything is possible,

where all the beauty is visible.

That world means so much,

it stays with my soul in touch,

the only place where I can hide,

the only place where only I guide.

Maybe I´ll let you see,

what´s really inside of me.

Maybe there you´ll find

a piece of your own mind.

Maybe you ĺl find out,

that I don´t need to shout,

the truth is hidden inside,

not lying by the seaside.

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