Be yourself

13. října 2016 v 20:07 |  Básničky
Stop for a while on your way,
it´s such a beautiful day,
can you see it? Look
to the mirror, darling,
see, what the time took?
Stay, start sparkling.

Somewhere deep in eyes
is a sparkle that never lies,
don´t mind the season,
just look deep inside,
you´re here for a reason,
so put your stress aside.

Look in the mirror, dear,
look what´s inside, hear
your inner voice
so softly whispering,
make your choice,
let it speak and sing.

See the truth in your lies,
see the pain in your smiles,
stop being so cruel,
it couldn´t be clearer,
just be honest and true,
look carefully in the mirror.

Don´t you like those eyes?
Through lows and highs
they´ve been there with you.
You´re gorgeous, you know?
They´ve been there for you.
That´s all, you can go.

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