9. dubna 2017 v 18:11 |  Básničky
So here we are:
starting again,
shooting a star
´cause it began
too soon and we?
We weren´t ready.

Waiting for too long
we have missed it
like skipping a song
though we liked it,
that´s how it goes-
lazy head to toes.

Killing our dreams
one after another,
every time it seems
like there are other
wishes to reach for
but when do we score?

Never ready enough,
always too late,
no time for laugh
in front of a closed gate,
yet always the same
rules of a boring game.

Predestined to fail,
watching dreams float,
being afraid to sail
and set off on a boat,
how safe is the harbour!
How tiny the marvel...

And so we watch goals
pass by and die slowly
as well as our souls,
no more nice and holy,
without any passion...
Let´s enjoy procrastination!

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